๐Ÿ“ƒ Bet

A bet represents an individually graded element on the bet slip. Different slip types have different logic that governs how the individually graded bets will interact to generate a slip outcome.

        "id": "BET_5d0b6e51f3c6433a834925fc6c996979",
        "type": "straight",
        "event": {
          "id": "EVNT_034db3a5675e4b7296f25fd3e6f66710",
          "sportsdataioId": "18658",
          "sportradarId": "cc23f026-32ea-4c2a-8f6d-c873a6844178",
          "oddsjamId": "13602-22677-24-02",
          "sport": "Football",
          "league": "NFL",
          "name": "Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs",
          "nameSpecial": null,
          "startTime": "2024-01-14T01:00:00Z",
          "startDate": "2024-01-14",
          "sportId": "SPRT_americanfootball",
          "leagueId": "LGUE_nfl",
          "contestantAway": {
            "id": "TEAM_4c55dc8e7a3b4b21b0509d93b49f8a33",
            "fullName": "Miami Dolphins"
          "contestantHome": {
            "id": "TEAM_8bfd1dfe1a09451195d19c792ea18567",
            "fullName": "Kansas City Chiefs"
          "neutralVenue": null
        "segment": null,
        "proposition": "spread",
        "segmentDetail": null,
        "position": "Miami Dolphins",
        "line": 4.5,
        "oddsAmerican": -105,
        "status": "completed",
        "outcome": "loss",
        "live": false,
        "incomplete": false,
        "bookDescription": "Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - Spread - Miami Dolphins +4.5",
        "marketSelection": "MRKT_4df8820134a2497e8207fd8e327d2d47",
        "autoGrade": false,
        "segmentId": "SEGM_M",
        "positionId": "TEAM_4c55dc8e7a3b4b21b0509d93b49f8a33",
        "propDetails": null,
        "sdioMarketId": "462907",
        "sportradarMarketId": "sr:market:223",
        "oddsjamMarketId": "point_spread"

id (string)

A unique identifier representing the bet. Each bet ID will start with the unique character set BET_.

type (string)

This refers to the type of wager it represents.

straightA wager on the result of an event, or a segment of an event. Standard spreads, moneylines and totals on a full game, period or half would be straight bets.
propAnything that is not a wager on the result of an event, or a segment of an event. An individual player to score over a certain number of points would be a prop

event (object)

An object representing the event the bet outcome is based on. The event object includes a unique id, some descriptive information about the bet, and some associated data provider identifiers. If you use a specific sports data feed, we recommend you use their identifier to associate the bet with your own event infrastructure.

proposition (string)

Proposition represents the aspect of the event that is being bet on. In the case of a straight bet, this will always be one of spread, moneyline, total or 3-way. In the case of a prop bet, this can be one of those four options, or a description of unique aspect like gatorade color poured on winning head coach.

propDetails (object)

A list of structured information that further defines the prop. This will be null unless bet.type = prop.

  "player":"James Harden",
  "metricSpecial":"Free Throws",

player (string)

This field represents the player that the bet concerns in the case of a player prop.

playerId (string)

The SharpSports Player ID associated with the proposition.

team (string)

This field represents the team that the bet concerns in the case of a team prop.

teamId (string)

The SharpSports Team ID associated with the proposition.

matchupSpecial (string)

This field represents the matchup that the bet concerns if it not a matchup specifically sanctioned by the governing body. For instance, bets on Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson when the event is "The Masters".

metricSpecial (string)

This field represents the relevant metric if the bet concerns a stat other than the primary result metric. For instance, this field would be Field Goals if this was a prop on the total field goals in a game.

metricSpecialId (string)

The SharpSports Metric ID associated with the proposition.

future (boolean)

This field will be true if the bet represents a future bet. Future bets are defined as props placed on an event without a defined, sanctioned matchup. For instance, a bet on the SuperBowl winner is a future, until the matchup is defined. At that point it becomes a straight bet, or non-future prop. All bets on the winner of a tournament, or other field based contest are considered futures.

segment (string)

This represents the specific half, quarter, or other specific segment of the event that the bet is based on.

segmentDetail (string)

This represents any further detail used to describe or clarify the segment of the event that the bet is based on. Possible values include Including Overtime, Including Overtime and Shootouts, Including Extra Innings, Including Playoffs, as well as Excluding any of the previously listed details.

segmentId (string)

The SharpSports Segment ID associated with the bet.

position (string)

A position represents which side of a wager the bettor is taking against the book. In the case of a total, the position would be Over or Under, while in the case of a spread the position would be a team.

positionId (string)

If the position is represented by a standardized object like โ›น๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ Player or ๐ŸŽฝ Team then the unique identifier will be stored here.

line (float)

Represents the line set by the sportsbook for this particular bet. In the case of a total or spread proposition this will contain a value, otherwise it will be null.

oddsAmerican (integer)

Represents the American odds agreed on by the bettor and sportsbook for this bet. If the bet is a parlay, then the odds for each individual bet will differ.

status (string)

Status of the bet as of the most recent refresh - completed or pending. At the current state, we rely on the sportsbooks for the bet status. You'll need to run frequent refreshes and/or calculate results to have the most up to date status.

outcome (string)

A descriptor of the bet outcome. Possible values include - win / loss / push / void. This value will be null until status is completed.


live (boolean)

A value representing whether the bet was placed during a specific matchup.

incomplete (boolean)

An incomplete bet is one that is not fully parsed (yet). Incomplete bets will always include the accounting information (on the betSlip), and a bookDescription, but may not include other structured information.

bookDescription (string)

This field represents the unparsed version of the book's description of the bet. For incomplete bets, this should represent most of the missing information.

marketSelection (hash)

A reference to the marketSelection object associated with this bet.

autograde (boolean)

If you have enabled the autograde feature in the dashboard settings, then all pending bets will be resulted by the SharpSports grading engine with needing an account refresh. If a bet was graded automatically, then autograde will be true. In this case, the result will be based on the grading engine.