Refresh Rate Limiting


A refresh is limited to one per 60 seconds on each bettorAccount.

Refreshes can also take up to 2 minutes, so you'll receive a rate limit response if the bettorAccount has a refresh in progress at the time of the request.

best practices

To optimize the experience for users, avoid running excessive refreshes.


refresh by bettorAccount

refresh by bettor


Rate Limited Response

  "betRefreshRequested": "2023-09-26T19:56:03.357004Z",
  "requestId": "b0e1c265b19a494cab937ba0092370d6",
  "refresh": [],
  "unverified": [],
  "noAccess": [],
  "bookInactive": [],
  "bookRegionInactive": [],
  "rateLimited": [
  "isUnverifiable": [],
  "paused": [],
  "otpRequired": [],
  "authParamRequired": [],
  "extensionUpdateRequired": []

resulting refreshResponse object

    "id": "RRES_3da71e46f7df447cbd01f99e177fe9e6",
    "bettorAccount": {
      "id": "BACT_ad5e5125177b42d395013adf4d47fd17",
      "bettor": "BTTR_e336bbc337e24ba99eb68b2b6d12a398",
      "book": {
        "id": "BOOK_IPBQaQQTCRxplZx7SYOA",
        "name": "Caesars",
        "abbr": "ca"
    "timeCreated": "2023-09-26T19:56:03.380644Z",
    "status": 429,
    "detail": "Rate Limiting - Refresh for a given bettorAccount must be at least 1 minute apart",
    "requestId": "b0e1c265b19a494cab937ba0092370d6",
    "type": "manual"