๐Ÿ’ฐ BetSlip

Bet slips are pulled from a bettor's sportsbook account on refresh. Once in the SharpSports database, bet slips can be requested using any of our betSlip endpoints / queries. A BetSlip resource represents a wager placed by a bettor with their sportsbook. A bet slip can have multiple bets attached in the case of a parlay, teaser or other multiple outcome wager type.

    "id": "SLIP_c27a9b53280e4658b9d8720ad6597268",
    "bettor": "BTTR_85d0afae42a84e889350afdf971f38af",
    "book": {
      "id": "BOOK_pPg9ABaPSj2mL6qoMTKR1A",
      "name": "BetMGM",
      "abbr": "mg"
    "bettorAccount": "BACT_9c8448050aa04a14bffbf2f6602ac37f",
    "bookRef": "1ZD2KFKHZG",
    "timePlaced": "2024-01-13T21:03:02Z",
    "type": "single",
    "subtype": null,
    "oddsAmerican": -105,
    "atRisk": 2000,
    "toWin": 1905,
    "status": "completed",
    "outcome": "loss",
    "refreshResponse": "RRES_f7ae5b3c61df43d394b4aaf6198b1b66",
    "incomplete": false,
    "netProfit": -2000,
    "dateClosed": "2024-01-14",
    "typeSpecial": null,
    "bets": [
        "id": "BET_5d0b6e51f3c6433a834925fc6c996979",
        "type": "straight",
        "event": {
          "id": "EVNT_034db3a5675e4b7296f25fd3e6f66710",
          "sportsdataioId": "18658",
          "sportradarId": "cc23f026-32ea-4c2a-8f6d-c873a6844178",
          "oddsjamId": "13602-22677-24-02",
          "sport": "Football",
          "league": "NFL",
          "name": "Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs",
          "nameSpecial": null,
          "startTime": "2024-01-14T01:00:00Z",
          "startDate": "2024-01-14",
          "sportId": "SPRT_americanfootball",
          "leagueId": "LGUE_nfl",
          "contestantAway": {
            "id": "TEAM_4c55dc8e7a3b4b21b0509d93b49f8a33",
            "fullName": "Miami Dolphins"
          "contestantHome": {
            "id": "TEAM_8bfd1dfe1a09451195d19c792ea18567",
            "fullName": "Kansas City Chiefs"
          "neutralVenue": null
        "segment": null,
        "proposition": "spread",
        "segmentDetail": null,
        "position": "Miami Dolphins",
        "line": 4.5,
        "oddsAmerican": -105,
        "status": "completed",
        "outcome": "loss",
        "live": false,
        "incomplete": false,
        "bookDescription": "Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - Spread - Miami Dolphins +4.5",
        "marketSelection": "MRKT_4df8820134a2497e8207fd8e327d2d47",
        "autoGrade": false,
        "segmentId": "SEGM_M",
        "positionId": "TEAM_4c55dc8e7a3b4b21b0509d93b49f8a33",
        "propDetails": null,
        "sdioMarketId": "462907",
        "sportradarMarketId": "sr:market:223",
        "oddsjamMarketId": "point_spread"
    "adjusted": {
      "odds": false,
      "line": null,
      "atRisk": null


๐Ÿ“œ betSlips list

๐Ÿ”Ž betSlip detail

๐Ÿ“œ๐Ÿ“ฑbetSlips by bettorAccounts

๐Ÿ“œ ๐Ÿ‘ค betSlips list by bettor

id (string)

A unique identifier representing the betSlip. Each betSlipID will start with the unique character set SLIP_

refreshResponse (hash)

An object representing the refreshResponse that is associated with the betSlip. This attribute corresponds to the most recent refreshResponse that has created or updated this bet object.

bettor (hash)

An object representing the associated bettor. The BettorID can be used to store the bet with the correct bettor.

book (hash)

An object representing the book where the bet was placed. If you want to organize your bets by where they were placed you can use the book object which includes an ID and multiple string descriptors.

bettorAccount (hash)

A object representing the bettorAccount where the bet was made. If you'd like to associate the bet with the specific bettor / sportsbook combination, you can utilize the bettorAccountID.

bookRef (string)

The book's unique identifier for this particular betslip. Each sportsbook has their own system for identifying specific bets. This can be used for support, or for deeper integrations with sports books.

timePlaced (datetime)

The date and time the bet was placed. This field will be null if the sportsbook does not provide this information.

type (string)

A bet slip can be one of the following types:

singlethis is a betslip that contains one single "bet" or wager
parlayany betslip that contains multiple combined "bets"

subtype (string)

Some combination bets have traits that distinguish them from standard parlays. This standardized string provides additional information about the type of the bet, and can be one of the following:

round robin


typeSpecial (string)

This field can contain an unstandardized string that describes the bet further. For example, By 3's for some round robin bets or Can't Lose Parlay for a specially named boosted bet.

oddsAmerican (integer)

Represents the American odds agreed on by the bettor and sportsbook for this bet. If the bet is a parlay, then the odds for each individual bet will differ.

status (string)

Status of the bet slip as of the most recent refresh - completed or pending. At the current state, we rely on the sportsbooks for the bet status. You'll need to run frequent refreshes and/or calculate results to have the most up to date status.

atRisk (integer)

Represents the amount of money (in cents) put up by the bettor in the betslip. This is the amount they will lose if the outcome is loss.

toWin (integer)

Represents the max amount of profit (in cents) that will be paid out to the bettor if the outcome is win. This is calculated based on the amount atRisk and the odds set by the sportsbook. If the bet is a parlay this will be calculated using the parlay odds. This value never changes over the lifetime of a betSlip; for example if the bet is a parlay and one leg is a push the updated winnings/payout will be represented in the netProfit field.

netProfit (integer)

Represents the profit generated by the wager (in cents). Typically this field is equal to the toWin field if the bet has outcome win and is negative atRisk if the outcome is loss. However, in the case of a multi-leg bet with variable winnings you can use this field as the source of truth for how much the wager paid out once it was completed. You can also determine how much money was refunded in the case of outcome = cashout.

outcome (string)

A string descriptor of the bet outcome. This value will be null until status = completed.


incomplete (boolean)

A betSlip is incomplete if any of the attached bets are incomplete.

dateClosed (date)

The date when the wager status changed from pending -> completed. This field will be null if the sportsbook does not provide this information.

bets (list)

A list of serialized which determine bet slip outcome. See bet section for details.

adjusted (hash)

adjusted is an object that contains all necessary information to determine whether info on the BetSlip object has been adjusted by a promotion from the sportsbook.

odds (boolean)

This field will be true if the odds of a slip have been adjusted from their original value. This can happen due to various promotions provided by the sportsbooks (i.e. odds boosts, profit boosts, etc.).

atRisk (integer)

This field represents the actual stake at risk to the bettor if it has been adjusted. For example, in the case of a free bet this value will be 0.

line (boolean)

This field will be true if the line on a slip has been adjusted from its original value due to a promotion from the sportsbook.