๐Ÿ“– Book

The book object represents a sportsbook that you can link with. This means they have allowed you to connect with their bettor's accounts and pull bet data.

    "id": "BOOK_pPg9ABaPSj2mL6qoMTKR1A",
    "name": "BetMGM",
    "abbr": "mg",
    "status": "active",
    "refreshCadenceActive": true,
    "sdkRequired": false,
    "mobileOnly": false


See the sdk support section for a list of books and which integration paths they are compatible with.


book list

id (string)

A unique identifier representing the bookID. Each bookID will start with the unique character set BOOK_.

name (string)

A descriptor that represents the common name of the sportsbook.

abbr (string)

A 2 character descriptor that represents the common abbreviation of the book's common name.

status (string)

The current status of the book - one of the following:

activeThe sportsbook is available for new links and refreshes
inactiveThe sportsbook is currently down for maintenence
comingThe sportsbook integration is in development
unsupportedThe sportsbook integration is not currently offered

mobileOnly (boolean)


This field has been deprecated in favor of sdkRequired and `sdkSupport

refreshCadenceActive (boolean)

This field indictates if the refresh cadence is currently available for this book.

sdkRequired (boolean)

This field indicates that this book is only available to link and refresh via one of the SharpSports SDKs.

sdkSupport (hash)

This field indicates the specifics of what SDKS/platforms this book is available on - see the SDK section for more details. This field is null in the case that sdkRequired=false.

In order to serialize this field you must add the query parameter ?support=true to your request.