๐Ÿ‘ค Bettor

Bettors represent your customers who have one or more sportsbook accounts. The Bettor object is created when they first successfully verify a sportsbook account with the Book Link UI.

    "metadata": {


bettor list

bettor detail

bettor metadata

refresh bettor

id (string)

A unique identifier representing the bettorID. Each bettorID will start with the unique character set BTTR_.

internalId (string)

The id you pass as data when the user first links a SharpSports account via the context endpoints or one of the SDKs.

betRefreshRequested (datetime)

The last time a refresh request was performed for this bettor. Other refreshes may have been performed at the bettorAccount level, but this value represents the last time a refresh was requested at the bettor level (for all bettorAccounts).

timeCreated (datetime)

A timestamp for the creation of the bettor object.

metadata (hash)

The bettor metadata object is available when using the metadata query param on the list endpoint, or the metadata endpoint. It includes composite stats and attributes based on the bettor's history.

  "metadata": {
    "handle": 22621235,
    "unitSize": 26613,
    "netProfit": -611324,
    "winPercentage": 41.92,
    "totalAccounts": 2

handle (integer)

The aggregated amount (in cents) that have been wagered (atRisk).

unitSize (integer)

The average wager (atRisk) amount (in cents).

winPercentage (float)

The percentage of aggregate betSlips won.

totalAccounts (integer)

A bettor's total number of linked bettorAccounts.