๐Ÿ“ฑ BettorAccount

A bettorAccount represents a linked sportsbook for a specific bettor. A bettorAccount is created once we have verified the credentials for the account. A bettor may have several bettorAccounts, each representing their relationship with a different sportsbook.

        "id": "BACT_7daed31d9b4f4a79bdb4b30f2bf89852",
        "bettor": "BTTR_4d1ce9ad0b314290a775d2b89a5316c2",
        "book": {
            "id": "BOOK_nhLZ9l5DRs6w6KcE2n7vnw",
            "name": "DraftKings",
            "abbr": "dk"
        "bookRegion": {
            "id": "BSTA_Okuj8vPwRPSMnYhROBE1Uw",
            "name": "Colorado",
            "abbr": "co",
            "status": "active",
            "country": "United States"
        "verified": true,
        "access": true,
        "paused": false,
        "betRefreshRequested": "2021-11-12T11:05:37.399401Z",
        "latestRefreshResponse": {
            "id": "RRES_e09da01f563146d7af294abec834ebe7",
            "timeCreated": "2021-11-12T11:05:49.778529Z",
            "status": 200,
            "detail": null,
            "requestId": "326d9234c63545ff8d29a598a713a2c9"
        "latestRefreshRequestId": "326d9234c63545ff8d29a598a713a2c9",
        "balance": 1158,
        "timeCreated": "2021-11-03T21:02:59.880554Z",
        "missingBets": 0,
        "isUnverifiable": false,
        "refreshInProgress": false,
        "TFA": false,
        "metadata": {


๐Ÿ“œ bettorAccounts list

๐Ÿ”Ž bettorAccount detail

๐Ÿ“Š bettorAccount Metadata

๐Ÿ”„ refresh bettorAccount

โธ๏ธ pause

โŒ remove access

id (string)

A unique identifier representing the bettorAccountID. Each bettorAccountID will start with the unique character set BACT_.

bettor (hash)

An object representing the bettor who owns the bettorAccount. You can reference the bettorID to store and match the bettorAccount with the right record in your database.

book (hash)

An object representing the book where the account was created. This includes the bookID, and two string descriptors.

bookRegion (hash)

An object representing the bookRegion relationship where the account was created. This object provides both the name and abbreviation of the region where the account is located.

verified (bool)

Represents the status of the current set of credentials we have on file for this bettorAccount. Verified will be true if the credentials are up to date allow access to the sportsbook account. If verified is false, then the credentials have been changed or the account has been deactivated and you should prompt the bettor to address or unlink the account.

isUnverifiable (bool)

If an account cannot be verified after several attempts then it becomes unverifiable. This means that the only way for the bettor to re-link this account is by re-entering their credentials through the BookLink button.

access (bool)

Represents the permissions granted by the bettor on this bettorAccount. Access will be true once they grant access, but if they request to revoke it, access should be set to false. If access is false, then no refresh requests can be made associated with this bettorAccount. Use the โŒ remove access endpoint to change this value.


Accounts with access=false will not count towards billable usage.

paused (bool)

Represents the current state of bet syncing for a linked bettorAccount. If paused is true, then no refreshes will be done on the account but you can still access betslips and other data associated with this account. Use the โธ๏ธ pause endpoint to set this manually.

betRefreshRequested (datetime)

Represents the last time a refresh was performed for this bettorAccount (except those throttled due to rate-limiting).

latestRefreshResponse (hash)

An object representing the ๐Ÿ”„ Refresh Response from the latest refresh request performed on this bettorAccount (that was not throttled due to rate-limiting).

latestRefreshRequestId (string)

The ID from the latest ๐Ÿ”„ Refresh Response ID associated with this bettorAccount (that was not throttled due to rate-limiting). If this does not match the requestId on the latestRefreshResponse, then a refresh is currently in progress.

balance (integer)

The current available balance (in cents) in the linked bettorAccount (updated on account refresh). This field will not be included if the bettorAccount has access = false

missingBets (integer)

Occasionally SharpSports will not be able to pull a bet from the sportsbook due to an unrecognized format. This field represents the number of bets we were unable to pull from this account.

refreshInProgress (boolean)

This flag indicates if the bettorAccount is currently being refreshed. You cannot request a refresh on a bettor account if there is already a refresh in progress

TFA (boolean)

This flag indicates that a bettorAccount has Two-Factor-Authentication enabled and will require a code to be entered on every refresh. See the 2FA handling guide for more details.

timeCreated (datetime)

A timestamp for the creation of the bettorAccount object.


handle (integer)

The aggregated amount (in cents) that have been wagered (atRisk).

unitSize (integer)

The average wager (atRisk) amount (in cents).

winPercentage (float)

The percentage of aggregate betSlips won.

walletShare (float)

The percentage of handle a bettor places on one of their bettorAccounts.