๐ŸŒŽ BookRegion

The bookRegion object represents a sportsbook in a specific region.

  "id": "BSTA_lqpNkqJjSSv5MwxCXSFbQ",
  "book": {
    "id": "BOOK_nhLZ9l5DRs6w6KcE2n7vnw",
    "name": "DraftKings",
    "abbr": "dk"
  "name": "Iowa",
  "abbr": "ia",
  "status": "active",
  "country": "United States",
  "mobileOnly": true,
  "sdkRequired": true


๐Ÿ“œ bookRegions List

๐Ÿ”Ž bookRegion Detail

id (string)

A unique identifier representing the bookRegionID.

book (hash)

The book object associated with this bookRegion.

name (string)

A descriptor that represents the common name of the region.

abbr (string)

A 2 character descriptor that represents the common abbreviation of the region

status (string)

The current status of the bookRegion.

activeThe sportsbook is available for new links and refreshes
inactiveThe sportsbook is currently down for maintenance
comingThe sportsbook integration is in development
unsupportedThe sportsbook integration is not currently offered

country (string)

The country where the region is located: currently either United States or Canada

mobileOnly (boolean)


This field has been deprecated in favor of sdkRequired and `sdkSupport

sdkRequired (boolean)

This field indicates that additional integration is required to access this bookRegion. This could include one of the SDKs.

sdkSupport (hash)

This field indicates the specifics of what SDKS/platforms this bookRegion is available on - see the ๐Ÿ”Œ sdk support for more details. This field is null in the case that sdkRequired=false.

In order to serialize this field you must add the query parameter ?support=true to your GET request.