๐Ÿ”„ refresh bettor

this will refresh the data associated with each bettorAccount the bettor has linked.


๐Ÿ” Public API Key

response attributetypedescription
betRefreshRequestedtimestampthe time when the request was made
refresharraybettorAccounts with a successfully initiated refresh
noAccessarraybettorAccounts with access=false. Cannot be refreshed.
unverifiedarraybettorAccounts with unverified=true. Cannot be refreshed.
isUnverifiablearraybettorAccounts with isUnverifiable=true. Cannot be refreshed.
bookInactivearraybettorAccounts on an inactive book. Cannot be refreshed.
bookRegionInactivearraybettorAccounts on an inactive bookRegion. Cannot be refreshed.
rateLimitedarraysee rateLimiting.
otpRequiredarraybettorAccounts with otpRequired=true. See 2FA handling guide.
authParameterRequiredarraybettorAccounts on books with sdkRequired=true. See relevant SDK guide.
extensionUpdateRequiredarraybettorAccounts linked with a browser extension with an outdated version.
requestIdstringthe requestId of the refresh used for tracing.
cidstringIf bettorAccount in the otpRequired array, use this CID to handle OTP input. See 2FA handling guide.
extensionDownloadUrlstringif bettorAccount in the extensionUpdateRequired array, use this url to prompt extension download.
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