๐Ÿ”— bestPrice Link via API

Create a Session

Use the ๐Ÿค‘ bestPrice Context api call to generate a session id (cid) specific to that user.

You'll need to pass in the internalId of the user to ensure the session and data will be personalized to them.

We recommend requiring a login for users to see this page since it does contain sensitive information, and it will save their session if they want to view their bestPrice analysis over time.

Authorization Token

To ensure users' data is secure, we recommend utilizing the auth tokens endpoint. Passing an auth token into the ๐Ÿค‘ bestPrice Context api call will give users access to more sportsbooks and enhance the security of their data.

bestPrice Link

Once the cid is generated from the ๐Ÿค‘ bestPrice Context endpoint, it can be used to construct a url that will open the personalized, hosted bestPrice page.