Fundamental Concepts

Familiarize yourself with a few basic concepts to begin.


A marketSelection represents a market and the corresponding selection offered by books. SharpSports creates a unique object for each marketSelection. For instance, taking the Aztecs Spread against the Broncos would be represented by the marketSelection below.


marketSelections do not include the line or odds for a particular sportsbook.

  "id": "MRKT_93f33c19796c4dc587f9f59517ec3d30",
  "type": "straight",
  "event": {
    "id": "EVNT_ea966d89f60e4369bfe54a0facc778e8",
    "oddsjamId": "31138-72383-23-38",
    "sport": "Football",
    "league": "NCAAF",
    "name": "Boise State Broncos @ San Diego State Aztecs",
    "nameSpecial": null,
    "startTime": "2023-09-23T02:30:00Z",
    "startDate": "2023-09-23",
    "sportId": "SPRT_americanfootball",
    "leagueId": "LGUE_ncaaf",
    "contestantAway": {
      "id": "TEAM_28aa8ce53dc2470b81be69a2f04b09a7",
      "fullName": "Boise State Broncos"
    "contestantHome": {
      "id": "TEAM_f7f21c26a42744e6bcd5704516b7659d",
      "fullName": "San Diego State Aztecs"
    "neutralVenue": false
  "segment": null,
  "proposition": "spread",
  "position": "San Diego State Aztecs",
  "sportsdataio": {
    "eventId": "50014484",
    "marketId": "146169"
  "sportradar": {
    "eventId": "cf8b822e-0b30-4185-9ab2-763a139e0adf",
    "marketId": null
  "oddsjam": {
    "eventId": "31138-72383-23-38",
    "marketId": null
  "segmentId": "SEGM_M",
  "propDetails": null,
  "betPlaceAvailability": {
    "hr": false,
    "fb": false,
    "pp": true,
    "wb": false,
    "tf": false,
    "mg": true,
    "fl": false,
    "br": false,
    "pb": false,
    "dk": true,
    "fd": true,
    "pe": false,
    "st": false,
    "bf": false,
    "sh": false,
    "bs": false,
    "bo": false,
    "ca": true,
    "ud": false

Finding the Right marketSelection

The marketSelection endpoint comes with a host of query parameters that can be used to successfully locate the marketSelection you are looking for.

๐Ÿท๏ธ Find Available Markets Guide


betPlaceAvailability indicates whether or not SharpSports can successfully create a link for a particular sportsbook. A marketSelection might be unavailable for a book because the market is no longer offered by the book, or SharpSports does not support the market for that particular sportsbook.

See Supported Books for more details.


Use the lineAvailability query param on any ๐Ÿท๏ธ MarketSelection endpoint to show the list of available lines for each book.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific line, use the line query param on any ๐Ÿท๏ธ MarketSelection to filter availability by that line.