Fundamental Concepts

Familiarize yourself with a few basic concepts to begin.


A marketSelection represents a market and the corresponding selection offered by books. SharpSports creates a unique object for each marketSelection. For instance, taking the Aztecs Spread against the Broncos would be represented by the marketSelection below.


marketSelections do not include the line or odds for a particular sportsbook.

  "id": "MRKT_93f33c19796c4dc587f9f59517ec3d30",
  "type": "straight",
  "event": {
    "id": "EVNT_ea966d89f60e4369bfe54a0facc778e8",
    "oddsjamId": "31138-72383-23-38",
    "sport": "Football",
    "league": "NCAAF",
    "name": "Boise State Broncos @ San Diego State Aztecs",
    "nameSpecial": null,
    "startTime": "2023-09-23T02:30:00Z",
    "startDate": "2023-09-23",
    "sportId": "SPRT_americanfootball",
    "leagueId": "LGUE_ncaaf",
    "contestantAway": {
      "id": "TEAM_28aa8ce53dc2470b81be69a2f04b09a7",
      "fullName": "Boise State Broncos"
    "contestantHome": {
      "id": "TEAM_f7f21c26a42744e6bcd5704516b7659d",
      "fullName": "San Diego State Aztecs"
    "neutralVenue": false
  "segment": null,
  "proposition": "spread",
  "position": "San Diego State Aztecs",
  "sportsdataio": {
    "eventId": "50014484",
    "marketId": "146169"
  "sportradar": {
    "eventId": "cf8b822e-0b30-4185-9ab2-763a139e0adf",
    "marketId": null
  "oddsjam": {
    "eventId": "31138-72383-23-38",
    "marketId": null
  "segmentId": "SEGM_M",
  "propDetails": null,
  "betPlaceAvailability": {
    "hr": false,
    "fb": false,
    "pp": true,
    "wb": false,
    "tf": false,
    "mg": true,
    "fl": false,
    "br": false,
    "pb": false,
    "dk": true,
    "fd": true,
    "pe": false,
    "st": false,
    "bf": false,
    "sh": false,
    "bs": false,
    "bo": false,
    "ca": true,
    "ud": false

Finding the Right marketSelection

The marketSelection endpoint comes with a host of query parameters that can be used to successfully locate the marketSelection you are looking for.

๐Ÿท๏ธ Find Available Markets Guide


betPlaceAvailability indicates whether or not SharpSports can successfully create a link for a particular sportsbook. A marketSelection might be unavailable for a book because the market is no longer offered by the book, or SharpSports does not support the market for that particular sportsbook.

See Supported Books for more details.