๐Ÿ“š Overview

betPlace offers advanced deeplinking capabilities so your users can go from discovery to placement in one click.

What is betPlace?

betPlace is the SharpSports API that allows you to write betslips to your users' sportsbook accounts. When users find a bet they'd like to place on your platform, take them straight to their sportsbook account, with the betslip already filled out.

Advanced DeeplinkingTake bettors directly to their sportsbook account with the betSlip already filled out.
Affiliate CompatibilityGet credit from sportsbook partners for sending traffic their way.
Parlay SupportPass multiple bets in the link to create paralay betSlips.
AttributionSee reporting on how much betting volume you've sent to sportsbook partners.

Use Cases

Add Tail Links

If you are already using betSync, you can add a tail link to any compatible bet. If there is a social component to your application, use the guide below to allow bettors to share their plays with a community and let the community tail or fade them.

Follow the Tailing Synced BetSlips guide.

Links for Odds Table, or Recommended Bets

If you'd like to simply add links to your odds table, or wherever you make bet recommendations, first review the Find Available Markets Guide, which describes how to map your data structure to the SharpSports marketSelection object.

Next, follow the Creating betPlace Links guide which will show you how to generate a link you can use to redirect the bettor to the filled out betSlip for the appropriate marketSelection(s).


Does betPlace work on mobile and web?

Yes, the sharpsports betPlace links automatically detect the platform the bettor is using and routes them appropriately. On mobile, the link will either take them to the app (if they have it downloaded), the app download page, or the website.

Does betPlace support parlays?

Yes, you can create betplace links for parlays by passing in a parlay ๐Ÿ’ฐ BetSlip id for tailing, or multiple ๐Ÿท๏ธ MarketSelection objects.