Sandbox Environment


To test the API before pushing to production, we provide several sets of Test Users. Your sandbox API environment will come with a test bettor/bettorAccount with a extensive bet history containing a variety of representative bet types.

Sign up for a sandbox account using the SharpSports dashboard.

You can create new bettors and bettorAccounts using the book link button in the dashboard . Every time a refresh is performed on a ๐Ÿ“ฑ BettorAccount, a few random live ๐Ÿ’ฐ BetSlips on real markets will be generated. These bets are graded after the events are completed.

Sandbox vs Live Mode

The SharpSports Dashboard defaults to sandbox mode until you toggle to live mode. Live mode requires signing up for a paid plan.

Once your account is under a paid plan, you'll have access to both sandbox and live mode. Each has its own set of API keys, so be sure to switch those out depending on what mode you are planning to use.

Linking Real Sportsbook AccountsโŒโœ…
Linking Test Usersโœ…โŒ
Requires Paid SubscriptionโŒโœ…
Requires use of private and public api keysโŒโœ…