๐Ÿ”— 2. Creating betPlace Links

About betPlace Links

To create a betPlace link, you need to find the ๐Ÿท๏ธ MarketSelection(s) that represents the bet(s) you'd like to create a link for.

A betPlace link is hosted by sharpsports.io and handles all routing depending on what platform you route the user on.

Desktop Web

The bettor will be routed to the sportsbook website.

Mobile Webview

IF the bettor has the app downloaded, they will be dropped in to the sportsbook app.

IF the bettor does not have the app downloaded, they will taken to the app download page.

Mobile Web


Not a supported path since sportsbooks don't allow bets to be placed on mobile web.

Creating a Link

There are two main paths when creating a betPlace link.

1. Straight to Sportsbook

This path will generate a betPlace link that will take the user straight to the sportsbook site.

It does not include the ability to prompt the user to create an account, sync an account or any auditability.

Straight to Sportsbook Guide

2. Link or Create Account Prompt

This path will first check to see if the user has the relevant sportsbook linked through BetSync. If they do, then it will take them straight to the sportsbook. If not, it will first route them to a splash page that prompts them to either link, or create an account. In this case, you can add your affiliate links and get credit for any signups.

Link / Create Account Prompt Guide