Straight to Sportsbook

Once you Find the marketSelection(s) you'd like to create a betPlace link for, the next step is choosing the sportsbook you'd like to link to.


When you get the ๐Ÿท๏ธ MarketSelection, you need to reference the betPlace Availabilityobject, which shows a list of key value pairs, representing the availability on each book by ๐Ÿ“– Book Abbr..

We recommend making sure the book you're interested in is available before creating a link.

"betPlaceAvailability": {
    "dk": true,
    "wb": false,
    "bs": false,
    "ca": true,
    "fd": false,
    "bo": false,
    "mg": true,
    "fb": false,
    "pb": true,
    "ud": false,
    "pp": false


Use the lineAvailability parameter to get a list of available lines for a specific ๐Ÿท๏ธ MarketSelection.


Create the link using the following scheme:<marketSelectionId>/<bookabbr> or <bookId>


This link structure will default to the main line offered by the book

Alternate Lines

Add a line to the url to create a link to specific betslip at a specific line:<marketSelectionId>/<bookId>?line=<line>

Parlay Links

Use the url structure:<bookId>?marketSelection=<comma separated list>

For alternate lines on parlays, add &line=<comma separated list> to the end of the url, ensuring the number of lines you pass is the same as the number of marketSelections. If you want the default main line for a marketSelection, you can pass in a blank or null.